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Chairman’s Profile - Shri Maheshbhai A. Patel

Mr. Maheshbhai, as a Chairman of “Sabakantha District-Co-Operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd.-Sabardairy “, The India's 2nd largest dairy with annual turnover of more than 5000 crores.
As a Chairman of the Board, Shri Maheshbhai also heads “Sabarkantha District Co-Operative Bank” Himatnagar.
A highly reputed voice in the Co-Operative sector, Shri Maheshbhai also holds the position of “Vice-Chairman of The Gujarat State Co-operative Credit Society Federation Ltd; Ahmedabad”, the state authoritative voice representing the Co-Operative industry value chain.
Shri Maheshbhai is also a member of “Western Zonal Railway Users Consultative Committee” and RGB Member “Kribhco New Delhi”, his views are sought for the policy decisions. He was for about 28 years with “The National Insurance Co. Ltd.” And serve the people. He is an eminent personality in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat and is deeply involved in providing strength to Cooperative Movement in the Sabarkantha District for the last decade. He is currently the Chairman of “Sabarkantha District Co-Operative Milk Producers’ Union Limited”, popularly known as Sabardairy and “Sabarkantha District Co-operative Bank”. He has been Undisputed chairman of Sabarkantha District Co-Operative Bank for many years. He has been very agile and giving direction to many institutions at state level and even at national level. Being a farmer himself, Shri Maheshbhai has been instrumental in formulating Farmers oriented policies of Sabardairy.
He is having very broad experience of various facets of “Insurance”, “Agriculture”, ”Building and Construction”. By this experience and his agile nature he has been contributing to various sectors. He believes in friendly “Sure-Cooperation”.
He is having profound feelings for cattle and he feels proud to be known as cattleman. He is very much compassionate about Cattles as he is a farmer by birth.
Shri Maheshbhai Patel is a keen proponent of future-preparedness; he considers high-performance teams to be the key for organisational success. A charismatic leader, he brings out the best in both individuals and teams.
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